Reasons for Rogue one to be a disaster

Expectations are ample to make one person disheartened, depressive and agonized. Blind trust on expectations leads one to collapse.

Here are five reasons why the trailers so far, including the new one that hit the web, have

left director and producer worrying that Rogue One might be a disaster.


1: – Spectacular Obvious dialogue.

 The bad dialogue can be considered as good ones. When it`s delivered by a Hollywood legend like Harrison Ford, and uttered with heat and deep intensity that it can only be accepted but appreciated as well. For instance “It`s not my fault”…. I have a bad feeling about this”… “Never tell me the odds”… All cheap dialogues can even make a fool to think that movie would gift disastrous results. But at the same time if all these words had been narrated from the very smart mouth of Han Solo, then suddenly they worth the weight in old gold.

Moreover, a bad dialogue can be considered as good one if a screenwriter has just taken the movie`s theme and wrote it into the script at every available opportunity.


2: – The excess use of  Star War tropes to compensate.

There were a hologram and even a jump to light space. And she looked just like she did in Return of the Jedi. There were even rumors that Jimmy Smits was set to return as Bail Organa from the prequels, though the less one says about that, the better.


3: – The absence of Jedi and the Force

The Jedi was nowhere to be seen. The Jed was in fact so absent that even statues of them have been symbolically buried beneath the sand in the new trailer for Rogue One. Now and then in these trailers, Chirrup Îmwe (Donnie Yen) showed up to remind us what we have lost. “Aha!” he seemed to be saying. “This is a Star Wars movie, so the Force is bound to be around here somewhere.

 4: –They had given too much away:-

The director presented many ways for excitement to rise just like a balloon about to soar, but without revealing the entire plot of Rogue One.

  • Father Also took as a child and has been on the run from the Empire ever since.
  • Her dad, assisted in building the first Death Star, in part because he hoped to keep her safe.
  • The Eros had been hired by Rebel Alliance to reconnect with her father, presumably convince him to hand over those rather useful blueprints revealing the super weapon`s vulnerability to X-wing fire.

That is pretty much the entire story. The whole scenario seems quite appealing, but fear is that plot doesn’t get rejected by the public. Hard work is evident, which characters and each person belonging to movie put in a movie for high profiled results.

5: – The suicide squad-style.

The original “Star Wars” movies function so well since it rarely diverts from the three core heroes. But in the case of Rogue One, the matter contradicts the fact about the Star Wars movies.


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