Bollywood King celebrates the 51st birthday

The undisputed King of Bollywood, from Kuch Kuch Hota hai till Om Shanti Om, the only King who has been ruling so many people like a one man army – the one and only Shahrukh Khan hits the milestone of 51st!

He has been giving a lot of wisdom about love, life, passions, ambitions and everything related through his acts and movies. Many people may not have paid heed but here are some underrated talks about the most liked celebrity Bollywood ever produced and we need you to totally hear them out.


  1. Shahrukh Khan launched his career with the movie Fauji and ironically, one of his most liked acts was his poem that he wrote for the Indian Soldiers in solidarity with them supporting the Sandesh2Soldiers initiative. Support your boys, hear it loud and clear, SRK says the same.
  2. In 2012, he enthralled the students of Yale University when he visited them and later on gave a speech on success and career goals as well. We like our focused and passionate KING!
  3. He received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and in his acknowledgement speech, he stressed upon the fact to tackle life’s battles fearlessly and be kind to the ones less fortunate as compared to us.
  4. Like most of his movies where he is usually portrayed as a loving, family man, he in fact stays one in his real life as well. He is considered as one of the most ideal husband and dad for his wife and children respectively and there is no one quite like him.
  5. He keeps popularity for his clear career with no scandals and controversies unlike many others and it certainly is a plus for him and his stay in the Bollywood.


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