World’s Highest Paid Actors

We all are well conversant with the fact that celebrities and especially the actors live luxurious lives and make a great living through their movies. The actors just need a few movies to be on top and once a movie proves successful, the actor and actress start getting paid relatively higher than the past. Today here we are including the highest paid actors in the list and keep reading to see whether your favorite actor manages to get a position on the list.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson commonly known as Rock has grabbed the first place in the list of highest paid actors. Initially he was a wrestler but turned to acting later on and has now become the highest paid celebrity in the world. The rock receives more than $64 million per movie and he has received advance fee of the next super hit movie, Fast and Furious 8.


Jackie Chan

We all know this versatile actor who has become now one of the best and highest earning actors in the globe. The actor gets $61 million for a movie and also has shares in some movies as well. Jackie is one of the celebrities who own the most expensive helicopter in the world. His wealth is increasing day by day and it’s a sign of his huge success.


Matt Damon

The actor has received third position on the list with $55 million. His recent super hit film The Martians proved very beneficial for him as the movie grabbed many awards and earned a great chunk of money to the actor. He was fortunately the celebrity who came on this position after a long and snatched the position after hard work.


Tom Cruise

He is the actor that the fair-sex find a lot attractive because of his look and young personality. The actor is on the 4th place with a worth of $53 million. We all know that Tom is really a fine actor and popular in most of the parts of the world. He deserved this ranking and his last movie Mission Impossible Rogue Nation brought him a great amount of wealth.

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