5 Hollywood Movies to Watch Before You Die

Compiling a list of the must watch movie is always a very difficult task. People and the fans have their different opinions and it all depends on what sort of movie you like. There are always action, fiction, love stories, comedy movies and many movies have received Oscars, the biggest award, but failed to grab position on the list of must-watch movies. Let’s check what the movies are that you should watch at least once in your life.

The God Father Trilogy

The movie is a super hit of its time and many people recommend the newbie to watch it in their lives. The movie is a great combination of gangsters and nailed the cinemas when it was released. “I am gonna make him an offer, he can’t refuse” is the super hit quote from this movie.


Pursuit of Happiness

The movie is undoubtedly a great film of all times. Will Smith plays the leading role and gained a huge appreciation from the audience. The movie is about the inspiration story of a poor man who strives hard to make a living and support his wife and the son. Do watch this movie to learn something meaningful in life.

Raging Bull

A movie that’s a combination of anger and motivation can be tried to watch once. It’s about the life of a young angry man who’s a boxer and it shows the different phases of destroyed and successful life of the guy because of his temperament.


The Bridge of Spies

This is a movie made on history. The Americans and the Russians have fought multiple wars and are still in cold war. The movie is about the two spies of both countries but the role of an advocate who supports the Russian spy is remarkable. Do watch this movie in your life.

World War Z

Fiction movies have been hot favorite but this one is a bit reality based. Brad Pitt plays the leading role and works hard to save the humanity from the Zombie attacks. We recommend watching this block buster film.






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