Secretly Plan to Marry Leonardo DiCaprio

Lio is one of the few actors who always snatch limelight and become a part of the daily news. The actor is believed to be the finest one among the few of this generation. He has never looked back after his huge success in Titanic and now has become a heartthrob around the world.

The rumors and news on social media have claimed that Lio is nowadays dating with the model Nina Agdal and plans to marry her next year. Where Lio seems excited about starting a new chapter of the life his girlfriend is also very happy to be with him. Lio, as per many sources, says he has been with many girls in his life but now it seems he has found the one closest to his heart.


The actor has worked in a number of famous and historical movies. Not only is he the greatest production of Hollywood but he seems to be a well-natured human being as well. The actor managed to receive Oscar this year too and it seems that he is going to be a husband soon. The Revenant was a hit item for him and it fetched him, Oscar.

The news got confirmed when we heard and read from multiple sources. It’s being said that there is no news regarding the wedding plan but it all is being done secretly. The rumors also revealed that Nina is not interested in engagement and the actor seems to be in hurry for the wedding. He wants the events and ceremony to be eco-friendly to the fullest.

It seems interesting that Lio is planning everything for the biggest innings of his life but he is caring about his expected life partner as well that she gets whatever she wants. Before this, the actor has dated with a number of Hollywood actresses and models but couldn’t find his love in anyone.


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