Celebrities who died Tragically Too Young

It’s heard that the world is very cruel and often the good people die early. The film industries are full of such heroes who died very young and left their fans in tears. These actors listed below showed outstanding acting skills and proved they are matchless but their short life could not let them live longer. Lt’s have a look at these celebrities.

Heath Ledger

The legendary performance by Ledger in The Dark Night as a Joker will be remembered for centuries. He outdid his role and being a villain stole hearts of the audience. Heath Ledger spent a lot of time on developing his role and died due to some unknown disease. He couldn’t see release of his block buster movie The Dark Night. That was the saddest moment when it was announced that Ledger has achieved Oscar for supporting role but he was not there that time.

Paul Walker

Paul was one of the best and young actors who died very early. He was a racing geek and his role in Fast and Furious series was exceptional because of his super rash driving skills. He was unfortunate that he died very early in a nasty road accident when he was returning from a late night party with a friend and smashed his car into a tree. His last movie was Fast and Furious 7 but he couldn’t see success of that as well.


There are few more actors and actresses as well who die very young but the death of these two was very tragic and shocked the whole world. We remember the day when Paul die and the next day was like the saddest day of our life. None can believe that the start has died too young but it was a fact. Ledger and Paul will be remembered for their legendary performances and acting roles they played in a very short span of time.





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