US singer Bob Dylan grabs the 2016 Nobel Prize

We’ve always hummed along the lyrics of Forever Young, Tangled Up in Blue, Lay Lady Lay and Not Dark Yet but this time the master creator of these songs is in the news for another incredible achievement and that is, The Nobel Prize for Literature, 2016. Us singer, song-writer, artist and the 75 years old legend of rock becomes the first ‘song-writer’ to win the distinction as he has been deemed a competent and potential recipient of it since long.

He was awarded the recognition for having produced new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition; something he is a master at.


The media channels broke down with this hot news on 13th October, 2016 that stirred a new wave of enthusiasm among the masses. To some it came as a shocking surprise since it was considered to be controversial and downright unjust to award a ‘song-writer’ the esteemed prize among the likes of many accomplished writers who have pursued the career and medium in long terms crafting crisp literature.

While for others, it was a pleasant treat for the ears and eyes, as Dylan has been considered the undisputed and unparalleled king, consistently rejuvenating himself, his art, and bringing out new trends.

Considering the mixed response about Dylan’s achievement, the news channels and press media has been rushed over by a lot in just a little span. The supporters cannot stop showing their joy whereas the critics are overwhelmed by the negligence of the jury; everything aside, Dylan enjoys his last laugh as the mighty winner and creating a history to have a huge impact over generations with a career that has lasted more than over decades by now.


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