California father murdered his three children and tried to kill his wife over financial problems

Radiating grins as three kids posture for the camera on fun outings in the daylight, and a unified couple who adore investing energy with their children – that is the manner by which photos depicted the Hodges family. They appeared to be flawless, and the individuals who knew a couple Robert and Mai said they were upbeat.


The couple had been as one over 10 years and had three kids, Kelvin, 11, Julie, nine, and seven-month-old Lucas. They had a condo in a complex in West Sacramento, California, and the youngsters were very much preferred at school.

Kelvin was loaded with vitality, adored Star Wars and won individuals’ friendship with his million-dollar grin. Julie was a rousing author, and she was sweet and mindful with her school companions. What’s more, infant Lucas was simply beginning to state ‘Mother’. Mai loved them all. In any case, her significant other had plans to decimate all that they’d made together.

It was September 2017, and Robert had genuine cash issues. At first glance, he appeared as though he didn’t have a care on the planet, however everything was going to go to pieces around him. The Internal Revenue Service was coming after the family for back expenses, and their Visas were pushed to the limit. They were in tremendous obligation.

It’s uncertain whether Mai knew the degree of their issues, however she surely had no idea about how Robert wanted to ‘settle’ it all. He’d been thinking of an answer for a year, and on September 13, he put his shocking arrangement energetically.

While Mai was out at work at night, Robert choked out infant Lucas. He held up a few hours previously moving toward Kelvin from behind and wrapping a calfskin belt around his neck. He choked his oldest child to death. Once more, Robert enjoyed another reprieve from his sickening demonstrations, previously additionally assaulting Julie from behind with a belt, and killing her as well.

Later Robert told police that he took breaks between the killings to summon the physical and mental quality to proceed with what he was doing. Yet, the moderate efficient way he executed every kid basically looked computed and barbarous. At no time throughout the hours did he end his butcher. He carried on until the point that each of the three of his kids were dead.

At that point Robert lay in sit tight for Mai. The arrangement was to murder her too at that point take his own life. In any case, when he assaulted her with the belt, Mai battled back. She kicked and scratched until the point that he relaxed his grasp and she figured out how to stumble outside. Now, she called 911 and announced it as a demonstration of abusive behavior at home. A neighbor saw Mai faltering outside, with Robert following. She later detailed that Robert looked quiet and substance – not irate – as he headed out.

Whenever Mai and the neighbor backpedaled inside, they found the full awfulness of what Robert had done when they found the three dead bodies. Another 911 call was made and Mai was insane. At the point when paramedics landed to the sickening scene, they attempted frantically to spare the youngsters, yet it was past the point of no return. They were announced dead.

Stunning admission

A couple of hours after the fact, police discovered Robert close to his stopped auto, around seven miles from the home. He was drenching wet and guaranteed he’d gone into the water to suffocate himself yet he’d fizzled and swum back to shore. Whenever addressed, he portrayed how he’d murdered his youngsters at that point sat tight for his better half to get back home. Be that as it may, when he’d wrapped the belt around her neck, she’d battled him and asked for kindness. Robert conceded he’d been considering murdering his family for a year and that he anticipated closure his own particular life as well.

It was stunning to grasp that a man with no criminal feelings or record of viciousness could carry out such a fierce demonstration.

Mai was similarly as paralyzed and made it clear via web-based networking media that her better half hadn’t been savage.

‘He had dependably been a minding and adoring individual,’ she composed. ‘Be that as it may, for reasons unknown went (through) his psyche, heart to do this, I can never envision why. I ask myself consistently, “why?”‘ The main thought process was the cash issues that tormented the family. Be that as it may, the group were appalled that obligation would drive a father to kill his three children.

In October, Mai stood up out of the blue at a remembrance benefit for her youngsters and said her reality was ‘absolutely obliterated’. She shared stories about their grins and giggling and said the amount she missed the vibe of their hands all over.

‘I will miss constantly them. I will never carry on with a day in my existence without my heart longing for them and breaking at their misfortune,’ she said. ‘Be that as it may, I know I’m respected to be their mom, and have them in my spirit and life, and I will convey them with me for whatever remains of my days.’

More than 200 individuals spilled from the house of prayer and sat on seats set up on the grass outside. Numerous wore yellow strips with the initials of the youngsters in recognition. The paramedics from the night were there as well and Mai said thanks to them for attempting to spare her kids.

‘I know you share my bad dream of that night, and I petition God for you and I consider you,’ she said.

As everybody viewed the three little pine boxes amid the administration, their hearts broke. Such huge numbers of their young school companions were broken by the killings.

At initially, Robert argued not blameworthy, but rather with such an emotive wrongdoing, legal counselors began to cooperate on a supplication arrangement to abstain from putting Mai and her family through the injury of a trial.

In December 2017, Robert, 32, conceded to killing his three kids and blameworthy to the endeavored murder of his significant other. He told experts that he was in a ‘profound money related emergency’s the point at which he slaughtered his family and needed to save them from hardship. As Robert said ‘blameworthy’ in court, Mai discreetly wailed.

At the condemning in January this year, Robert said his wrongdoings were ‘unforgiveable’ as he wailed.

He apologized to his family to destroy ‘the life we fabricated together and ending the lives of our kids’.

‘I’ll spend whatever is left of my life asking Kelvin, Julie, Lucas, Mai Sheng and God for pardoning,’ he said amid his declaration.

‘I cherish all of you and I’m sad I fizzled you. That is all.’

Loved ones affirmed that he was an adoring man and about their incredulity at his activities.

Dim and debased

Robert was condemned to life in jail without the likelihood of parole. The judge said it was the ‘darkest and most debased case’ he’d ever dealt with and made his musings clear about what he’d done.

‘God may pardon you, however this court does not,’ the judge stated, alluding to him as a ‘serial enemy of his own kids’. He said that Robert was a Jekyll and Hyde character – a cherishing father who turned on his family in the most inconceivable way.

That pivotal night, three youthful kids lost their lives and Mai lost her whole family. Cash stresses could have been fathomed and ‘sparing them’ from hardship is a miserable reason for what he did. Kelvin, Julie and Lucas had their whole future stolen from them – and nothing will ever settle that.

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