He’s worth $20.9 billion but all Elon Musk really wants is a girlfriend

He’s the very rich person proprietor of Tesla who has quite recently propelled a rocket into space — however all Elon Musk truly needs is to discover a sweetheart


On paper Elon Musk has everything.

A 6ft 2in multi-tycoon with a natural heart; he has his own auto image in Tesla, his own particular space ships, five houses and a string of big name companions. Yet, he yearns for a sweetheart to impart everything to.

He’s been hitched three times – twice to same lady – and has dated on-screen characters Amber Heard and was supposed to have dated Cameron Diaz.

Be that as it may, none of the connections have kept going.

The 46-year-old, who has a huge chateau in Bel Air, Los Angeles, and claims the Lotus Esprit submarine auto utilized as a part of the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, bears everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity as well.

“In case I’m not in adoration, in case I’m not with a long haul sidekick, I can’t be cheerful,” he revealed to Rolling Stone .

“I will never be upbeat without having somebody. Resting alone murders me. Dislike I don’t comprehend what that has a craving for: Being in a major discharge house, and the strides reverberating through the foyer, nobody there – and nobody on the cushion alongside you. F- – . How would you make yourself upbeat in a circumstance like that?.”

Truth be told his single status so disturbs him it has undermined to meddle with his work.

At the point when the columnist Neil Strauss talked with Musk a year ago , the primary inquiry he asked was the means by which it felt to dispatch the Tesla Model 3 .

“I simply parted ways with my sweetheart. I was truly infatuated and it hurt terrible,” Musk stated, discussing the performing artist Amber Heard who was previously hitched to Johnny Depp.

“All things considered, she said a final farewell to me more than I parted ways with her, I think. I’ve been in extreme enthusiastic torment.

“It took each ounce of will to have the capacity to do the Model 3 occasion and not resemble the most discouraged person around. I needed to psych myself up: drink two or three Red Bulls, at that point let myself know, ‘I have every one of these individuals relying upon me. OK, do it!'”

He even requested that his questioner propose conceivable sweethearts since, he stated, “It’s so difficult for me to try and meet individuals. I’m searching for a long haul relationship. I’m not searching for a one-night stand.

“I’m searching for a genuine sidekick or perfect partner. When I was a youngster there’s one thing I said ‘I never need to be distant from everyone else.’ ”

He abnormal childhood has been all around detailed, conceived in South Africa to a model mother and architect father he was essentially left to claim gadgets.

He has said he read the whole 32,000 page Encyclopedia Britannica cover to cover when he was 12 and invested whatever is left of his energy doing science tests.

Musk met his first spouse, creator Justine Wilson, at Queen’s University in Ontario. Writing in Marie Claire, Justine – who utilizes Musk’s last name – told how he welcomed her out for frozen yogurt.

He fathered six youngsters — a child, who kicked the bucket at ten weeks in 2002, twins and triplets.

He met his second spouse, British St Trinian’s performing artist Talulah Riley, in 2008, wedded her in 2010, separated from her two years after the fact, remarried her the following year, at that point petitioned for separate once more, at that point pulled back the papers, at that point refiled for separate lastly finished it in 2016.

In 2013 he was connected to Charlie’s Angels on-screen character Cameron Diaz after she purchased a Tesla, yet he denied they were seeing someone.

As a matter of fact it could be his hard working attitude behind his relationship issues – he is said to work 100 hours seven days getting by on six hours per night.

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