The five most anticipated movies of Hollywood for 2017

Hollywood always keeps a full package to entertain its viewers. Whether they are animated movies, horror ones or the sci-fi based; they are always the most anticipated ones and at the top of the chart among all. The engaging plots, best cinematography, incredible lightening and a blend of very powerful effects, all the movies are always a treat for everyone related – the critics, fans, distributors and the competitors in the field.


With the New Year approaching nearer, there is already a list out, of some of the most promising and engaging movies that the viewers can look up to in this year and get entertained.

Here are the top five names:

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales:
    The ever famous Captain Jack Sparrow is back with a bang in this one, as Johnny Depp in the lead role as always.
  2. Transformers: The last Knight:
    After the first trilogy here is another one; a completely new package of three giving its fans a lot to look forward to this year.
  3. Fast 8:
    Although there is not much about this movie in terms of official announcements of the plot synopsis, news has it in the pipeline for the upcoming year as one of the biggest and well crafted movies.
  4. Resident Evil: The final chapter:
    With Alice as the only survivor left where she is expecting her return, this movie is expected to be released in January 2017. It is almost in its end phase and the final touching is left before it is packed.
  5. Justice League:
    It is based on the comic books published by DC Comics. With a much lighter tone as compared to Batman VS Superman, it is expected to have more fun.



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