The five top paid actresses of Hollywood

There is always a race to be at the top among all the Hollywood celebrities. Whether that is for their unique styling or lavish vacations, the breakups and the makeup, controversies, movies and earnings; everyone wants to be in the news and at the top to be highlighted and talked about.

Here is a list of those top 5 actresses who earn the most among all and are paid in figures even double and three times greater than their original age.

Jennifer Lawrence:
Rocking the top position like a queen for the second time in the row, Lawrence enjoys the fame as she hits the top most earnings among all with her super hit and ever famous X-man and Hunger Games


Melissa McCarthy:
One of the top paid stars from the Ghostbusters reboot, Melissa is second in the list to be reportedly earning an 8 figure amount due to her super strong entry in the Bridesmaids that made her secure a place among the most expensive and rich actresses.

Scarlett Johansson:
Earning around $25 million, the actress entry in Captain America: Civil War helped her make it to the third position in the list and enjoy the fame with the likes of Lawrence.

Jennifer Aniston:
Known by the famous TV show Friends, Aniston remains as one of the most beloved actresses of Hollywood after years of work. She has made it to the list of the top earning ladies in Hollywood after her successful hits one after the other and is acclaimed to be well-deserved for this spot.


Fan Bingbing:
The Chinese leading lady created around $17million in a span of just 12 months time making it to the list with her fast rising fame and demand.

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